Artist Statement: Delineation explores aggregated power of diverse individuals and communities contributing to the vibrancy of the city through representation of interwoven lines and boundaries that delineate physical and symbolic spaces we occupy. Reminiscent of playful sidewalk chalk drawings, fragile and imperfect lines become strengthened bundles through repetition and overlap. The resulting tapestry of colors symbolize collaborative process of participating in our communities, just as layers of vibrating piano strings create a beautiful harmony.
  • 2018



Jieun Yang

Jieun Yang is the founding principal of Habitat Workshop, a New York based architecture and urban design studio promoting design as a framework for positive changes in our communities. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration and experiments that often bridge art and design, the studio creates spaces and objects that activate human connections and reveal intrinsic value of a place. Recent awards and honors include the studio’s winning entries for the BKLYN Designs and FIGMENT NYC.

Public Location

Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (June 4 - 24, 2018)

Permanent Home

The Facing History School (Delivered Fall 2018)

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