Artist Statement: The piano I have designed is meant to give you a sense of movement of the beautiful origami cranes that have been painted. The colors I chose were originally meant to have a synesthetic appeal to the senses, but I chose to recreate them and re-edit them to make the viewer feel like following the stripes of color all over the piano. Playful as it is, I like that it allows the viewer to go all around the piano and observe the entire thing and explore the forms and shapes that I have created on it. It is a message of hope and is also an attempt to reconcile my need for peace in this world and a positive message for everyone. Having fun while looking at the piano and playing it is perhaps the best thing that I could see happening to it.
  • 2015

Fly With Me


Moksha Kumar

Public Location

Roosevelt Island (June 5 - 21, 2015)

Permanent Home


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