Artist Statement: Stella the Seastar’ is Opus the Octopus’ sister. She too, loves music. She and her friends celebrate artistic creations: in forms as in the diversity of shapes, colors as in its multitudes of hues, light as in its illumination and contrast, movement as in its journey through space, and rhythm as in its tempo. Musicians bring all these elements together that elevates us to exuberance and rapture. Painters open our eyes to endless points of view. Dancers transport to a world of infinite space. Actors bare their emotions. The piano also revels in the creativity of nature–its masterpieces infinite and continual. It is a window and glimpse to the wonderment of the world under the sea. Marvel and Rejoice!
  • 2015

Stella The Seastar


Izabel Lam

Public Location

Permanent Home

The International Academy of Hope

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