Artist Statement: This piano is a reproduction of a mural I did in Puerto Rico in July 2017, before the hurricane destroyed the island. With this mermaid I want to empower all women to embrace their strengths and abilities through the acceptance of their bodies.
  • 2018

La Sirena Varada


Laura Alvarez

Laura Alvarez studied her Fine Arts MA between Spain and UK, and she has been a graphic designer for more than 15 years. Before she left Spain she was running the Communication and PR department in a private school for several years. She arrived in NY in 2009 and she went back to basics: more art, illustration, mural painting, and becoming a community leader and an educator. She is a teaching artist and the Vice President of BxArts Factory, a newly created organization with a clear mission: to make art accessible to everyone in the Bronx. She has exhibited all over Europe and New York in collective and solo shows. She started curating shows in 2012. Laura has received several awards, grants, and residencies.

Public Location

Virginia Park (June 4 - 24, 2018)

Permanent Home

P.S 30X The Wilton School (Delivered Fall 2018)

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