Artist Statement: “I believe that there are a lot of miracles in our lives. For me, Art is a conversation with God and also a reminder of miracles. This series is to create paintings which remind people, “Miracles happen around us.” I had some miraculous experiences in my past life. They were the greatest moments that had saved my life. I am not religious, but I believe that miracle is a sign from God. I have created artworks which represent our connection to something greater than ourselves. I painted this piano after being inspired by miraculous experiences. In 2004, after suffering from some problems, I thought about committing suicide. When my mind was about to break, my friend recommended that I go to a shrine, so I visited the shrine. I was standing on a bridge and looking at a pond. After a while, I saw a white feather floating far from me. Without thinking, I muttered in my mind “If I still have the right to live, if I still can be happy, please come to me.” At that moment, the feather stopped beyond my gaze for a few seconds and began to turn drawing a circle in the air. I prayed to the feather again, “Please come to me.” Suddenly it flew straight toward me and stopped on my palm. I was speechless while holding the feather in my hand. After a while, I started walking and sat down on a bench. I was still amazed for a few minutes, but suddenly tears welled up in my eyes. I thought, “I was allowed to live. God is watching me, saving me.” I could not stop crying with gratitude. After this experience, I realized that a feather is a sign from God. In 2012, I moved to New York to learn English. I had never painted in Japan and I had never imagined that I would be a painter, but I started painting coincidently. When I paint, I always feel like the predecessors are giving me opportunities to paint and teaching me how to paint, what to see and what to paint. And so, I have never thought that the paintings which I painted are mine. When I received this piano to paint, I was so impressed by its beautiful figure and nostalgic sound. I painted a lot of feathers and tried to represent miraculous moments in our lives. I appreciate the chance to be a part of this piano. I hope that this piano helps people feel great happiness in their lives.”
  • 2015

Piano For Reminding Miracles In Our Lives


Yuki Sakaguchi

Public Location

Marcus Garvey Park (June 5 - 21, 2015)

Permanent Home


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