Artist Statement: My piano design is of hair which is a major element I use in my creative work. Hair has always been an albatross for many women and its an icon of femininity that I feel all women can relate to its form of symbolism. As it is a symbol of idealistic and stereotypical femininity, I consider hair (as well as other objects) to be torture devices rather than the allure represented in these elements of vanity. Paired with their complimentary colors, the color scheme will consist mainly of pink and blue hues as a means to play with female and male polarities. I enjoy seeing how the value and intensity in one color placed in the foreground changes merely by having other background colors. Some colors seem to vibrate on a darker color while the same color softens the saturation on a lighter background. Moreover on a aesthetic level, its visually interesting to have a curvilinear design on a geometric form. The more I explore the surface area in relation to the nuances my design takes in very curve I draw, the more I am challenged in finding ways to marry the defined structure of the piano and the amorphous shapes in my design. Through my artistic work, I create my own women by highlighting supposed imperfections, and accentuating coveted physical attributes; such as hair. I intend my piano design to be an extension of the issues that are inherent in my thematic work.
  • 2015



Vanezza Cruz

Public Location

Permanent Home

Linden Tree Elementary School

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