Artist Statement: This year the inspiration for my piano comes from Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series of paintings. Of all the artists who have influenced me in my work, Monet has inspired me most of all.
  • 2018



Robert Padovano

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, self-taught artist Robert Padovano is best known for his vibrant Impressionistic cityscapes of New York and its surrounding environment. His vibrant use of color and expressive brush strokes make his paintings come alive with atmosphere and light. His painting method incorporates both Impressionist and Pointillist techniques, often juxtaposing dabs of pure thick color side by side. When viewed at a distance, the eye mixes these colors to give a luminescent quality to light and shadows. Robert’s paintings are part of many private and international collections. He has exhibited at The Staten Island Museum, The John A. Noble Maritime Museum, The Newhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art, The E. Mayan Studio in New York City, Union Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey, National Lighthouse Museum, and many others. His work has been included in juried shows at The Salmagundi Club in New York and the American Artists Professional League.

Public Location

28 Liberty Plaza (June 4 - 24, 2018)

Permanent Home


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