Artist Statement: The design of my piano is modified from a traditional fabric design of Taiwan. The reason I choose this material is because I believe that the fabric design perfectly describes what my culture is. Adding the combination of a Western instrument with the vivid color of Asian style, the piano presents the balance of different cultures being brought together. This is my second painted piano. The first one was done in 2012 and was exhibited the same year at the Bevier Gallery in Rochester, NY. However, people are not encouraged to touch artworks in a gallery, so my first piano was only displayed as a beautiful artwork. I am the only person who knows its voice. This time around, I also get to share the wonderful relationship you can have through the voice of the piano as it sings to all of you. Thanks to Sing for Hope, there is a professional group taking care of the pianos, so that everyone who sees the piano can also have fun and enjoy it. I believe a piano is a piano only when it is played. My piano is not just a beautiful art piece to look at, but also an instrument with its own voice and personality.
  • 2015

Taiwanese Pattern P02


Wen-Hua Chen

Public Location

Permanent Home

Interfaith Medical Center

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