Artist Statement: “The design I created for this year’s piano is based on the melding together of two styles that I love, Art Nouveau and Charles Rennie Mackintosh style. I’ve always loved the Arts and Crafts school of architecture and interiors and how this design aesthetic can be applied to furnishings and fine art. It was easy to picture how great a Sing for Hope Piano would look with this combination working together. My design depicts a female figure adorned with stylized flowers on the front of the piano with arts and crafts design elements embellishing the areas around it, very reminiscent of the turn of the century poster art during that period. The illustration I’ve created shows a woman holding a flower up to her face and gazing lovingly at it. I then decided to use this as inspiration for a simple message, which I’ve added to this image, that says “”Love the Little Things.”” This is my way of saying that we should take time to smell the roses, so to speak, and appreciate the beauty all around us that often goes unnoticed. “
  • 2017

Love the Little Things


Robert Padovano

Public Location

28 Liberty Plaza (June 5 - 25, 2017)

Permanent Home

P.S. 44 The Thomas Brown School (Delivered Fall 2017)

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