Artist Statement: Seeing how much people liked our names concept from last year, which got people interacting with the piano and posting on social media, we decided to do something in the same vein. The one thing that we knew we couldn’t do last year was write everyone’s names, which is what the chalkboard was for, but this year we decided to come up with something more general so that if you go up to the piano, you will definitely be able to find something to identify with. The front of the piano says “Music makes me feel ___________ …..Find a word that best completes this sentence for you, take a picture & post it with #SingForHope.” The the piano is covered in larger words that are cut out from magazines that will be able to finish this sentence – everything from “good” and “happy” to “old” and “mad.” There will be something for everyone. Like a ransom note, all of the words are from different places, with different looks and styles, mirroring all of the people this piano will be exposed to. There will be repeated words, of course, but they will all look different and each design will speak to someone else, bringing together different people from different backgrounds and tastes, all being unified by art and music.
  • 2017

Ransom Notes


Melanie Wagner

Public Location

Lilia Restaurant Plaza (June 5 - 25, 2017)

Permanent Home

Village Academy (Delivered Fall 2017)

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